Hi, I'm Richard!

An Undergraduate Student at Cornell University

I'm in College of Engineering

Major: Computer Science

Class of 2024

Combat Robotics at Cornell

We go to Combat Robot Competition on a semester basis

We also explore the possibility of implementing autonomous features on our robots.

See Firmware/Software Documentation

Firmware Leader

I contribute in:

choosing electrical components the team needs based on their product specifications

designing circuits for both autonomous and remote-controlled robots

soldering wires onto breadboards to bring our circuit design to life

coding in programs for autonomous robots

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Scifi-Lab lab member

I help on:

collecting experiment data by using raspberry pi modules and pi cameras

augmenting deep learning training dataset based on various computer vision methods

participarting in data collection as the user of many experimental research devices

working on making deep learning models used in our research projects

writing research papers, clarifying the goals of each research and explain our data processing

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Show Tracker

As an App developer, I worked with three of my friends and made the app that allows the user to edit a list of watched shows and a list of plan-to-watch shows, as well as searching for a show on either list.

Frontend Repo & Backend Repo


DIY Electric Longboard

Built my own electric longboard that is powered by Li-Po batteries and a brushless motor!



The gallery below lists some of my memorable times.